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Who is Skyrider And what can I do for you

I am Linux server/system administrator with more than 10 years expirence in Centos/Ubuntu hosting and streaming industry. Cpanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, Webmin, Apache, Mysql, PHP, Nginx, Lighttpd, and many more webhosting related sofware.My goal is to provide best solutions for your linux server, also to privde best Webhosting solutions. My favourite Linux distribution for desktop is Arch Linux with Xfce DE. Also you can find some interesting stuff on my blog at

Services I can provide for you.

Installation of Linux server, cpanel, webmin, direct admin, web and database services, php/perl/apache modules, memcached, opcache, apc, and many more modules, services and apps. Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP fine tuning. Server monitoring and management. Server security scan and fixing any problems related to security. Malware and rootkit scanning and removing infected files/services. Firewall setup, Streaming server setup with lighttpd or rtmp, and many more services. Finding solutions for your vps/dedicated servers, and webhosting services. Also I can provide secure and stable webhosting service. Consulting and help with finding solutions for servers with hihg traffic, finding solutions for High disk, IO usage. Reliable Backup solutions, Wordpress optimization and malware cleaning, and many more services. You can contact me if you need something that is not listed here, so maybe I can find solution for you..

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Email: office.skyrider [at]

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